Policy and System
Our Organization Utilizes Diverse Networks
  • Asia Indigenous Women Networks
  • Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)
  • Asia Pacific Network of Environment Defenders (APNED)
  • Women NGO Federation Nepal
  • Justice and Rights Institute-Nepal (JuRi-Nepal)
  • NGO Federation
  • Provincial networks
Our system
  • GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP THROUGH BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVE LEADERSIP TEAM Our diverse and experienced Board of Directors provides strategic oversight, ensuring that our mission and goals align with donor expectations and community needs. The Board meets once in three months to review progress, approve budgets, and set strategic directions. Led by our Executive Director, the executive team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization, implementing board policies, and driving operational excellence.
  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION THROUGH NEEDS ASSESSMENT, PROJECT TEAMS, MONITORING AND EVALUAION Thorough needs assessment is conducted in the Communities we serve to identify priorities and tailor our projects accordingly. Each project is managed by our dedicated project team responsible for planning, implementation and evaluation. We also have robust monitoring and evaluation techniques to measure the impact of our projects, identify areas of improvement and ensure accountability.
  • FUNDING AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT THROUGH DONORS AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Our dedicated Board of Directors and team works closely with international donors to secure funding, provide regular updates and ensure compliance with donor requirements. We maintain transparent and open communication to build lasting partnerships. We employ rigorous financial management practices to ensure that all funds are used effectively and efficiently.
  • TRANSPERENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGH REPORTING AND COMMUNICATION AND SHARING IMPACT STORIES We are committed to transparency and accountability in all our operations. We provide detailed annual reports, financial statements and program updates to our donors and stakeholders. We share stories of success and challenges from the field to highlight the real-life impact of our work in the lives of the Indigenous Women and Girls.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND COLLABORATION THROUGH LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS AND VOLUNTEER NETWORK We collaborate with local organizations, government agencies and Indigenous Community groups to enhance our impact and ensure our projects are sustainable.
  • CAPACITY BUILDING AND SUSTAINABILTIY THOUGH TRAINING, WORKSHOPS AND PROGRAMS We provide trainings and conduct workshops tailored to the needs and demands of the Indigenous Women and Girls. Our programs are designed with a focus on sustainability so that Indigenous Communities can be empowered themselves.
  • FINANCIAL SOURCES OF THE ORGANIZATION Donations and Funding from Donors
  • Financial Policy
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Policy
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Good Governance Policy