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Press Conference on WHRIA Pilot Test Findings - Addressing Gendered Impacts of Development Projects

On 30th May 2024, National Indigenous Women Forum(NIWF) in collaboration with Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)and Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR) conducted a press release on the findings of "Women Human Rights Impact Assessment (WHRIA) Pilot Test: Addressing Gendered Impacts of Development Projects". “The Sunkoshi river is connected to our identity and existence; if the hydropower project destroys the river, our existence, identity – language, rituals, culture – will be destroyed as well.” This was the resounding call of the Women from Kunauri and Bhatauli Communities who lamented the life-changing impacts of the Sunkoshi hydropower dam. Indigenous Communities are facing the threats of forced displacement and the subsequent loss of livelihoods, potential discrimination in enjoyment of economic and social rights, and the disruption to the beliefs and practice of cultural rituals and traditions that are essential rights of the Majhi Indigenous Peoples. Women will also face additional struggle of fending for their family.

Press Release opposing the cutting of trees by Cable Car company in Mukkumlung Area

We strongly Oppose and Condemn the cutting of trees by Cable Car Company in Mukkumlung Area!

In terms of spiritual significance, Mukkumlung is a sacred site for the Indigenous Yakthung Limbu Community. Indigenous Peoples envoked Mukkumlung as divine power in Mundhum with various names such as Semukti:tgok (Sesemukti:t Kokma), Semukti:tpho, Semukti:tpung Mang by the Phedangma, Samba, Yeba, and Yema. Although Mukkumlung has been essential to preserving the area's biodiversity and ecological balance, the cable car's construction has completely destroyed the surrounding terrain.

The colonial name "Pathibhara" refers to the encroachment of governmental power and authority upon the heritage of the sacred faith of the Indigenous Peoples. The residents of Mukkumlung are demonstrating in favor of keeping the traditional indigenous name Mukkumlung and opposing the construction of a cable car there. National Indigenous Women Forum strongly opposes and condemns the forced cutting of trees to build a cable car on the night of 13 May 2024, contrary to the demand and sentiments of the local people.

Constitution of Nepal 2072's articles 26 and 32 indicate that the state shall not meddle in the religious, cultural, or spiritual matters of the people; the encroachment action being carried out on Mukumlung is in contrast with these laws. Similarly, religious violence and the invasion of Indigenous Peoples' cultures and spiritualities are defined as genocide in Article 8 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). Thus, we forewarn against tree-cutting in the area, which violates holy cultural holiness and uproots biological diversity, based on the Nepalese Constitution and international law.

Sunil Lama