Distribution of Stationery to IGOF Scholarship Candidates in Dolakha
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National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) launched the Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund (IGOF) in 2023 to champion equal access to education for Indigenous Girls. Dedicated to supporting these young learners, IGOF offers educational assistance to selected candidates from Marginalized and endangered Communities, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Emphasizing empowerment through education, IGOF aims to uplift and transform lives by providing essential educational support to those who need it most. 

In 2024, National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) selected two candidates from Ward No. 9 of Kalinchowk Rural Municipality in Dolakha district for the Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund (IGOF) scholarship. The selection process involved comprehensive interviews conducted by NIWF staff, assessing the candidates' economic status and academic interests. The interviews included discussions with both the students and their parents. Additionally, NIWF staff visited the candidates' homes to ensure a thorough evaluation of their suitability for the scholarship.  On May 16, 2024, National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) traveled to Dolakha to provide necessary stationery items to the two selected candidates. The team visited the candidates' school and held a brief meeting with the teachers. During the meeting, they informed the teachers about the Indigenous Girls Opportunity Fund (IGOF) and explained the selection process for the candidates. Following the meeting, the school principal presented the students with the stationery items provided by NIWF.

Photo description: The Principal of Shree Kalika Secondary School providing stationery items to the two IGOF candidates.

Photo Description: Homes of the two IGOF candidates in Kalinchowk Rural Municipality Ward No. 9 in Dolakha District.