Research & Publication
Research and Publication are integral to the mission of the National Indigenous Women Forum. Through empirical research, policy reviews, and the dissemination of our findings, NIWF strives to bring Indigenous issues to the forefront and advocate for meaningful change. NIWF’s work not only informs and educates but also empowers Indigenous Communities by amplifying their voices and experiences. NIWF believes that well-informed advocacy, grounded in solid research, is essential for achieving justice, equality, and respect for Indigenous Peoples. NIWF conducts extensive empirical research on a wide range of Indigenous issues. This research is designed to uncover the lived experiences of Indigenous Peoples, identify systemic challenges, and document the cultural, social, and economic realities within these Indigenous Communities. Our research methodology is rooted in participatory approaches, ensuring that Indigenous voices are not only heard but are integral to the research process. By engaging directly with Community members, we gather qualitative and quantitative data that reflects the authentic perspectives of Indigenous Peoples.