National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Indigenous knowledge, languages, cultures, and traditions. Recognizing the profound value these elements hold, NIWF has made it their mission to document and safeguard them for future generations. Indigenous knowledge, in particular, offers invaluable solutions to contemporary challenges like climate change, making its preservation crucial. Indigenous knowledge encompasses a deep understanding of the natural world, developed over centuries through close interaction with the environment. This knowledge includes sustainable agricultural practices, natural resource management, and climate adaptation strategies that have been honed to perfection. By documenting and disseminating this knowledge, NIWF ensures that these time-tested solutions remain accessible and can be integrated into broader climate action efforts. One of NIWF’s significant initiatives is the documentation of the Bankariya Community’s language. The Bankariya are an endangered Indigenous community in Nepal, with their language at risk of extinction. With only a few elders fluent in the mother tongue, the language is perilously close to disappearing. This loss would mean the erasure of a vital component of the community’s identity, culture, and history. Documentation is important in preservation of Identity and Culture, Educational and Research Value, Empowerment and Advocacy. The work of NIWF in documenting Indigenous knowledge, languages, and cultures is a vital endeavour. It ensures that the wisdom and traditions of Indigenous Peoples are preserved for future generations, while also providing crucial solutions to modern challenges such as climate change. Through these efforts, NIWF is fostering a more inclusive, sustainable, and culturally rich world.